MARIËT  MEESTER Hollands Siberië - Mariët Meester

The Tribune Of The Poor - about life and liberty in Andalusia

Literary non-fiction, De Arbeiderspers, 2017, 288 pag

When Dutch writer Mariët Meester once travelled with a donkey from Seville to Granada, she made a mysterious discovery: every year during one of the Easter processions of the Semana Santa, a convicted criminal is released from the county jail of Málaga. To unravel the background of this long tradition she returns to Málaga City and indulges in Andalusian life.

Original language: Dutch.

Original title: De tribune van de armen - over leven en vrijheid in Andalusië.


Mariët Meester

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(...) The lively details, the thorough research and the self-procrastination make this beautiful literary travel report a must for Spain fans.

AD Magazine and the regional newspapers of De Persgroep

(...) Because of her detailed and engaging writing style, it's like being there.


(...) Especially in those passages, showing how the Andalusians hit the crusades with happy relativation, Meester proves her writership.

Dagblad van het Noorden

(...) A beautifully detailed description of life in Andalusia.


(...) An extremely captivating book. An absolute must.

Moors magazine

(...) Meester records everything with blood, humor, sweat, soul and tears. (...) Read this bizarre book.

Reizen Magazine

(...) Her observations and experiences are empathically and convincingly written down in beautiful sentences.